Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a...???

I found out at 15 weeks that we are having another GIRL!!!!! I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I am due September 21st. I was convinced I was having another boy. Griffin has been on my case for some time asking when his brother is coming. Maybe one day. Infact, he was set on naming a brother "Pick-Up-Bug." If you ask him what we are having, he dreads saying the word. Either way, atleast the pressure is off. It will be great for Sienna to have a sister.


January- HECTIC!
Here are a few things what we have been up to:
Grant and Griff attended the BYU basketball games
Snow mobiling
My brother Brian, his wife Natalie, and their three kids came to visit for a few weeks.
Grant and Griff skiing
Griff went skiing w/ cousins
My brother Todd and his wife Ashlee had an emergency visit to the hospital w/ each kid. Abbie split her chin open and got stitches. The following week Beckham was admitted in the hospital for RSV. That weekend, Peyton (who is the same age as Griff) was wrestling w/ the kids and split his head open and got staples. One week later Griff split his head open and got staples.
Sledding w/ my family
Soldier Hollow w/ my family
My aunt Rosie came for a short visit from Singapore
Grant's work retreat weekend get away
Happy B-day Ashlee, Ramsey, Scott, and friends!

Snow mobiling
Grant and Griff skiing
Griff's preschool President's Day program
Valentine's Day- I took Griff and Sienna to Build-A-Bear and Grant and I went out on a date.
Happy B-day Dad, Grandma R, and friends!

Grant's travels begin
Grant's Grandma passed away. We will cherish the many memories of her.
Grant's brother Russel, his wife Rebecca, their sister's Kassandra, and Piper came in town for the viewing and funeral held in Idaho.
My brother Brian came to visit and snow ski
Happy B-day Jack, Cougar, and friends!
It's a Boy! Grant's sister Courtney had her fourth boy. They named him Rush Isaac. We can't wait to meet him!

Grandpa C took Griff and Sienna to Chuck-e-Cheese's
Griff colored the eggs before I could even boil them
Easter w/ my family
Easter Egg Hunt
Back in January, we had all of Todd's kids and Griff in for a hospital visit. Little did we know..Sienna was next. In the past 6 months, Griff and Sienna have each had a couple of injuries that required medical attention. Sienna's first attempt to climb out of the crib she fell out and broke her arm. She was in a cast for a few weeks.
Playing in the snow in April? What? Griff woke up at 6:45 AM, pulled Grant out of bed, put his snow clothes on, and was out the door to have Grant help him shovel.
Florida- Grant and I took Griff and Sienna and met up w/ my Mom and Dad, my brother Brian and his family, my sister Kathryn and her family at a vacation home to go to Disneyworld. We went to Downtown Disney, Epcot, Hollywood Disney, Typhoon Lagoon water park, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Sea World.
While we were at Sea World, we got a phone call from the Police Department. The vacation home we were staying in was broken into. The good news..They caught these guys while attempting to steal a car. My Dad, Brian, Scott, and Grant took off w/ my nephew Weston who had heat exhaustion. It was a LONG process! They met the police at the house, the police investigated, they went to the police station, filled out paper work, and collected our belongings. They finally made it back to Sea World as the park was closing. It is a MIRACLE that they caught these guys. Overall, we still had a fun and exciting time! Never a dole moment w/ my family.
Happy B-day Eric, Brian, Mom, Daniel, Rebecca, Taylor, Grant's Dad, and friends!

Finally an Update!

Although 2008 has come to an end, my first and last post was in September of 2008. So I decided to post what we have been up to this past year.

Playing in the snow
It's a girl! My oldest brother Brian and his wife Natalie had their third baby. They named her Josie.

Griff's preschool President's Day program
Grant's work retreat weekend get away

California- Grant and I took Griff to Disneyland, California Adventure, to the zoo, and to the beach.

Grant's travels begin
Aunt Rosie came to visit from Singapore. We had fun shopping and eating out in Park City.

New York- Grant traveled to several locations for work. New York is where he spent most of his time. He had an apartment that overlooked the city from March-September.
Sienna and I went to visit. We went to the musical broadway "Spamelot" w/ some friends, we went shopping, to Central Park, and to the Statue of Liberty.
Griff graduated Preschool

Our very dear friend Erik passed away from Leukemia. We miss him so much! We Love You Emily, Mason, and Milo.
Sienna turned 1!
I turned 27..I feel so old!
Griff was involved in Itty Bitty Sports and swim lessons

4th and 24th Cabin and fireworks
Camping and fishing
It's a Boy! My little sister Rebecca and her husband Brock had their first baby. They named him Kaydon Brock.

New York- Grant and I took both kids. We went to the beach, we went to the musical broadways "Mary Poppins" and to "The Little Mermaid," we went sight seeing, and shopping. We bought Griffin and Sienna each an aquatic turtle in New York (their first pet).
17th- Grant and I celebrated our 6 year Wedding Anniversary!
Aunt Rosie came again from Singapore! We did the usual. We went shopping and eating out in Park City, etc. We ALWAYS have such an enjoyable time w/ her here!
Griff back to Preschool
Overall, we had a fun summer! We went to the park, the zoo, we BBQ'd w/ family and friends, went swimming, and to the water parks. Boating was relaxing. Griff wakeboarded w/ Grant and he did great water skiing for the first time.

Grant and Griff attended the BYU football games
New York- Grant's parents and sisters visited him. They went to the broadway "Wicked."
Grant wrapped up his spring and summer travels
Cancun, Mexico- Grant and I went for a RELAXING week long get away

Griff turned 4!
Gardner Village
Corn Bellies
Halloween parties (Grant was a good sport and dressed up for each event)
Griff's preschool Halloween program
Trunk or Treat

Griff split his chin open and got stitches
Grant turned 30!! We had a fun birthday bash
Sienna dislocated her elbow and was put in a sling
We attended the BYU basketball games (I AM NOT A FAN)
Snow mobiling
Thanksgiving in North Carolina- We visited my oldest brother Brian, his wife, and their 3 kids. My older sister Kathryn, her husband, and their 5 kids drove from Florida to join us.

Snow mobiling
Christmas shopping
Griff's preschool Christmas program
Parties and events
Christmas w/ Family

I will post picture's soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Family

Here is our family! Family pictures are always such a stress! It's a relief to know it's taken care of for at least the next few years or so.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Up and Running

More to come! We just got rid of our beepers and upgraded to regular cell phones. We are also still looking into this whole "DVD" nonsense that we heard so much about. We will get this thing set up as soon as we take care of the previous two things.